Pianos for Sale:

Central Michigan Pianos specializes in commissioned restorations.


 If you are looking for a classic Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or other fine vintage piano, we can locate and restore the perfect instrument.


Please call Alex @ 989-620-6294 or email alex@cmpiano.com for more info.










Qm7 Pinblocks


   In 2009, Central Michigan Pianos began manufacturing our own Michigan hard maple pinblocks to further compliment our high quality restorations.

TM was our first design, featuring seven layers of vertical grained hard maple, representing everything technicians love in a high quality American pinblock such as those used in Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, etc.

  Discriminating technicians also requested a five layer pinblock of comparable quality as an economical alternative to the Qm7
TM. Because this particular style of block was used in vintage Steinways, it is the popular choice for many technicians and rebuilders alike.  

  Both Qm7
TM and Qm5 Pinblocks are constructed utilizing either five or seven layers of true quartersawn Michigan hard
 maple. Our attention to humidity levels before milling, as well as the advanced resins used for pressing, combine to make our pinblocks very resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Many field reports from trusted technicians and rebuilders have suggested that our blocks are extremely resilient, as well as easy to tune.

In January of 2013, Alex's eldest son Samuel launched his own company called Envision Woodcraft. Samuel now manufactures the Qm7 and Qm5 pinblocks at his shop with the same precision and quality that our pinblocks are known for. Samuel can be reached at samsenvision@gmail.com

You can also visit his website www.envisionwoodcraft.com

  • Handcrafted in Michigan, USA
  • Quartersawn Tight Grain Hard Maple
  • 5 or 7 Layers
  • Ease of Tuning
  • Longevity, Premium Quality













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