Pianos for Sale:

Central Michigan Pianos specializes in commissioned restorations.


 If you are looking for a classic Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, or other fine vintage piano, we can locate and restore the perfect instrument.


Please call Alex @ 989-620-6294 or email alex@cmpiano.com for more info.










Choose Your Theme


There are virtually limitless options for the case and theme of your specially designed piano. Begin by deciding upon your theme. Then choose the right veneer and hardware style, and add any special features to bring your piano to life.


Click this link to see some of the many veneer options available. From domestic to exotic, every individual is sure to find what they are looking for.


Add Special Features


Will the finish of your piano be hand-rubbed satin, high gloss, or a mixture of both? You may want to add a contrasting or coordinating veneer to the inner rim and fallboard, or choose a non-standard plate color to make your design stand out.

Choose Hardware Style


The hardware of your designer piano is like the icing on the cake. Depending on the theme you are following, choose the style that will complete and unify your design. Some of the options for your piano hardware include: Nickel Plated, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, and Brushed Nickel.

Signature Restorations

For the Artist in everyone.......

Steinway M in American Maple

Special Features: Entire piano re-veneered in American White Maple. Plate refinished in high gloss metallic black, and hand lettered with chrome paint. Iron wound bass strings, Brushed Nickel hardware, and Black Steinway & Sons Decal.

Current Location: Mt. Pleasant, MI USA

1918 Steinway O ~25th Anniversary Edition

Special Features:
Hand-rubbed ebony case with high gloss Makore accents under big lid and fallboard. All hardware and Steinway Decals are brass.

Current Location:
Melbourne, Australia

1909 Steinway O in Quilted Makore

Special Features: Entire piano veneered in Quilted Makore, an exotic wood found in northern Africa. All hardware and Steinway Decals are brass.

Current Location: Flint, MI USA






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