Central Michigan Pianos Showroom Tour


Our showroom here at Central Michigan Pianos was in desperate need of renovation, and beginning in the fall of 2011 we began the big project. We moved some walls to make the two separate showrooms a little more open & flowing, added a new ceiling/lighting system, as well as a picture/sound booth area for our finished pianos.

We said goodbye to the 90's violet, green, gold & maroon and embraced an updated & timeless theme that will serve better for showing off our craftsmanship!

It's been a long and grueling project, but thanks to the hard work & creativity of some very talented people, the results have turned out better than we even hoped! We've put together a tour starting from the beginning of the project to the present.

The before photos......

Showroom Background Before

Although this fully restored Steinway O looks gorgeous regardless of its surroundings, the old fashioned background needed a fresh makeover!

Soon to be Picture/Sound Booth

This area of our front showroom has served many purposes throughout the years, and was now being gutted & repaired to become our picture/sound recording area for our completed pianos.

Gutting Out the Showroom

As with most major renovations during the early stages, our showroom was a disaster! Slowly things started taking shape....

More Gutting & Repair...

This photo is after the walls dividing the front and back showrooms were removed. The arch was added in the front entry way to make for a softer entrance into our shop.



Making progress.......


Showroom Progress

 The Photo/Recording Area

Once all of the major repairing / building was completed, drywall was complete & the fun began! Choosing the paint colors was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make....it needed to be an appropriate backdrop for our pianos & craftsmanship, yet warm, inviting, modern & timeless all at the same time!



Showroom Progress

Sitting/ Relaxing Area

We decided to make this cozy corner of the front showroom into a quiet spot where customers and visitors could sit down with a cup of coffee and think or take notes.




The Final Result......

We are so pleased with the results! Our showroom is now a pleasant and welcoming place to look over and play our fine pianos.




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